Lebanon Valley College of Pennsylvania
B.S. Major in Biology
9/1973- 5/1977
Thomas Jefferson University College of Allied Health Sciences
B. S. N.
9/1977- 6/1979
University of Toronto
M.Sc.N. Major in Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing
9/1983- 6/1986
University of South Carolina
Ph.D. in Nursing Science
Focus on Rogers nursing science,
gerontological mental health, and phenomenology.
9/1990- 7/1994

Post-Doctoral Training

John A. Hartford Foundation Building Academic Geriatric Nursing Capacity Post-doctoral Scholars Program and the American Academy of Nursing. July 2002 - July 2004: Research focus on testing interventions and evaluating outcomes; evaluating the effectiveness of written emotional expression as an intervention in increasing meaning-making and reducing caregiver burden, stress, and depression in Alzheimer disease family caregivers.

University of Iowa’s K30 Graduate Training Program in Clinical Investigation. July 2002- July 2004: Focus on Clinical Outcomes Research. Completed four courses focusing on the design and testing of clinical outcomes.