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The Science of Unitary Human Beings: Theoretical Basis for Nursing 2.0

Wiki Editor
Howard K. Butcher RN; PhD, Associate Professor
The University of Iowa College of Nursing

0.1 Site Introduction:

Welcome to The Science of Unitary Human Beings: Theoretical Basis for Nursing wiki site ( This site is designed to allow participants to collaboratively explicate the Science of Unitary Human Beings (SUHB). Rogers never wrote a Second Edition of her landmark book An Introduction to the Theoretical Basis of Nursing. Currently all major texts on the Science of Unitary Human Beings are out of print. This site is intended to provide a platform for those knowledgeable about Rogers’ Nursing Science to explicate all aspects of the science of unitary human beings including its historical evolution, cosmology, philosophy, postulates, principles, theories, practice, and research methodologies.

This wiki site was initiated on 2.2.08 and the core chapter content is under development. Content and proposed outlines are already posted on most of the pages.

0.2 Purpose:

The intended purpose of this wiki is two fold: 1) to bring together a collaborative participatory community to co-create a definitive comprehensive explication of the SUHB; 2) to create an online resource anyone can access for all those who want to learn about how Rogerian nursing science serves as a foundation for nursing research, practice, [[#|education]], and administration.

0.3 Authorship:

The strength of a wiki is in the ability of every member of the community to contribute, be it with providing content, expanding understanding, raising questions, offering insight, and providing answers. Many wikis are completely open for anyone to edit and have no authorship. A wiki intended as a open forum, for example, might be free-form to allow for emergent structure. However, most wikis whose ultimate aim is to be a source of accurate information have an organizational vision, an "organizer" or primary author. Often this is the person who initiated the wiki, its "organizer," or more delicately, its primary Editor.The primary Editor "organizer" of this wiki will be Howard K. Butcher, RN; PhD, APRN-BC, who created this site. All contributors to the content of this wiki will be listed as Co-editors.

In addition, most wikis whose aim is to be an accurate reference source are "protected." This means that only those who join the wiki as members have access and are able to edit.

This site can be viewed by anyone who links to it, and any content may be edited by anyone who is a member of this "protected" wiki. To become a member, send an email to: requesting to join.

0.4 Membership

The reason to request to join this wiki as a member is to contribute to writing content. Everyone can read all the content on the wiki, so you do not need to be a member to access all the content. Requesting membership means that you wish to edit and add content to the wiki chapters. Therefore, those requesting to join should have an indepth understanding of Rogerian Science in order to contribute to the development of the wiki content.

0.5 Guidelines

The following are general guidelines for creating The Science of Unitary Human Beings: Theoretical Basis for Nursing wiki text:

0.5.1 Process:

Content is to be written in a scholarly manner much like a textbook using 5th APA style references. Any participant is free to edit, add to, modify, revise, or delete content with the intent to improve and/or expand the content. provides numerous links on this wiki to help anyone learn more about how to use this site and contribute to its content.

I do envision that in addition to the content in the wikitext "The Science of Unitary Human Beings: Theoretical Basis for Nursing," this site will have unlimited potential and an emergent design. For example, this site can be a virtual community for Rogerian researchers to post abstracts; educators to upload Rogerian teaching resources; students to share their papers/projects; a place for links to essential references/documents; for all to engage in multiple conversations about issues concerning the SUHB; and most importantly, unlike print text, a resource/reference where the evolution of the SUHB can be continuously updated.

0.5.2 Form:

This wiki should take the form of a book, with each section (page), as a chapter. There i no limitation to the length of each chapter. Unlike a book, links to other relevant webpages, video, audio, images, or full text references may be embedded in the text of this wikibook.

0.5.3 Use of Content:

1) You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the authors.

How to cite this work: The Science of Unitary Human Beings: Theoretical Basis for Nursing. Howard K. Butcher, Editor. Retrieved HH:MM, Month Day, Year, from |

2) Content form this site can be printed using "Manage Space" going to "List Pages" and Print. For any distribution, you must make clear to others the authorship of this work. The way to do this is with a link to this web page.

3) This site is noncommercial, meaning that the content created on this wiki site is not to be sold. Rather, access to the content developed on this site is to remain free to any user.

0.6 Wiki Netiquette:

1. This document wiki is meant to be scholastic in nature. This means that you should try to avoid writing simple opinions – back up writing with sources and information. As well entries should be spelling and grammar checked.
2. Delete and edit other entries with care. Only edit other people’s entries if you have something constructive to add.
3. Treat others and the comments of others with respect
4. Wiki presentations are collaboratively authored – which means they don’t have bylines.